If you are interested in wholesale purchases (minimum purchase amount PLN 1,500) and obtaining a permanent 15% discount on all products, please register an account on our website and provide information in a separate e-mail. Individual price groups must be approved by the store administrator. Customers who receive confirmation that they are classified as "wholesale customer" will automatically see all discounted prices appropriate for their group upon logging into their account. If you log out of your account or clear your cookies, all prices visible in the store will be automatically displayed as for the customer without additional discounts. A customer who creates an account when placing an order (the option selected by default in the shopping cart "Create a registered customer account") is automatically classified to the "CUSTOMER" group with a fixed 5% discount on all items in our store. QUANTITY DISCOUNTS Some products in our assortment have the option of obtaining an additional discount depending on the quantity of the ordered goods. An additional discount is usually awarded to orders in the amount of an internal product box or a collective packaging, the so-called BOX. Discounts are visible on the product card and apply only to retail customers. There are also so-called price thresholds (purchases in the range of PLN 351.00 - PLN 500.00 - 5%, PLN 500.01 - PLN 999.00 - 10%, PLN 1000.00 - PLN 1499.00 - 12%, PLN 1500.00 - PLN 15000.00) thanks to which the customer purchasing from the above-mentioned range is automatically classified to a price group with a fixed discount assigned. Classification to price thresholds is based on the purchase history - the system calculates orders with the DELIVERED status.

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